BNW Public Meeting

For those who missed the meeting last week, North Coast Courier feedback to the Ballito community on news from last weeks BNW Public Meeting.

Ballito Neighbourhood Watch highlights dip in crime

However crime is expected to pick up again as the end of the year and holiday season draw ever closer

Ballito is currently enjoying an unexpected lull in crime, according to Ballito Neighbourhood Watch (BNW) chairman Gary Frances.

“But we cannot drop our guard,” Frances added.

This was one of the talking points during the BNW’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, August 30.

However, Frances said he expected crime to pick up again as the end of the year and holiday season draw ever closer.

“We have been hearing a lot about cash in transit robberies across SA. The police have really started clamping down on them, so it is likely these criminals may go back to easier targets – such as house break-ins.”

Umhlali SAPS captain, Vinny Pillay echoed these sentiments.

“Thank you to the security companies and the community for helping us keep crime under control.”

“We again urge everyone to report all incidents of crime to the police, without the correct figures for criminal activity we cannot allocate resources properly to fight back.”

Pillay said if people were having trouble reporting a crime with an officer at the front desk, to ask to speak to a relief commander – who will always be on duty – to assist them.

Mohsin Mahomed from Northern Arms also gave a short talk on firearms.

“There are three lines of defence for your home.

“The first is your gate and alarm, the second is you yourself and the third is the security company or police.”

Mahomed said they were not promoting violence, but even the fastest reacting units could not get to a house in less than five minutes and as such people need to be prepared to defend themselves.

Mahomed invited anyone interested in learning how to safely handle a firearm, gain basic competancy or take more advanced courses to visit Northern Arms and inquire when their next training session was.


Courtesy of the North Coast Courier