Another great response from the street clusters.

Another great response from our street cluster groups on the weekend.

One street reported men breaking into a house. A few minutes later, another adjoining street reported hearing shouting ‘get on the floor’! It turned out to be plumbers gaining access into a property they were giving a quote at. IPSS security responded to the report of a suspected break in, upon finding the men in the garden of the home, ordered them to get in the floor!

This is a great example of how well these street clusters are working. Even though this didn’t turn out to be an emergency situation, it shows how this situation could have been defused if it had been an emergency!

Well done to everyone who reported and responded. This is proof that our community cares for each other’s well being and security.

To join your street group click on this link http://www.ballitonw.org.za/street-clusters/