Ballito Incident Report Aug 2021 – Ward 6 & 21

Ballito Incident Report Aug 2021 – Ward 6 & 21

14th: A female jogger was followed and nearly grabbed by a BM in Zen Drive. This happened around 7:30am. Luckily another vehicle passed and witnessed this. The driver of the vehicle then took the lady home. The male was slender, cleanly shaven and wearing sandals and a hat. Female joggers are encouraged by BNW to carry whistles whilst jogging.

14th: Also on Zen Drive a cyclist was knocked down by a vehicle at a bend whilst trying to change lanes. IPSS Medical stabilized the cyclist before taking him to a hospital. A speed hump has put in place by KDM.

23rd: A local resident had an altercation with an e-hailing taxi driver. Neighbours in Ashley Road complained about shouting between two men in their road. It was established that the resident had not paid the driver after he had transported him home. Not only did he not pay the driver but he had also asked to borrow his phone and then the resident tried to escape the driver. The police were informed and they resolved the issue.

The BNW patrols have really paid off in assisting SAPS and security companies the fight against crime. Break-ins (attempted and successful), theft of and/or out of vehicles (attempted and successful) has seen a significant drop.