Ballito March Incidents reports

March 2020 Incidents reports

From Ward 6 Councillor Jack Abrahams

    • March 11 – Eland Road break-in. Alarm was not armed and sliding door removed off its rail.   Suspects fled.  TV stolen.
    • March 11 – Marion Road attempted house break-in. Intruder triggered outside beam and was spotted fleeing over the fence.
    • March 12 – Compensation Beach Road break-in. Alarm not armed. Guests were robbed of cell phones and handbag stolen whilst sleeping.
    • March 14 04H56 – Zen Drive Shed break-in. Alarm alerted owner and saw someone stealing her son’s bike.  Security alerted and gave chase.  Bike found but not suspect.
    • March 14 06H10 – Kudu Road Attempted house break-in. Alarm alerted and resident spotted a silver Toyota speeding off.
    • March 14 – The Boulders. Three cell phones stolen whilst owners were out.  Door not locked.
    • March 15 09H30 – Cecelia Close attempted theft of motor vehicle. Car alarm went off and suspect fled.
    • March 16 23H00 – Eland Road attempted theft of a motor bike by two men in a white van. One man was apprehended.
    • March 21 – The Junction Bank card stolen from a lady at the ATM by three men.
    • March 24 – Lifestyle Bank card stolen by three men in a black Polo car.
    • Mar 25 – Adrienne Road break-in. A TV and two black bags were stolen. They also attempted to break in at neighbours.
    • March 26 03H00 – Lindsey Road break-in. No further details.
    • March 26 019H00 – Zen Drive vehicle break-in. A laptop and hard drives were stolen from the vehicle.

Please follow basic protocol of locking up your vehicle and house with no items of value on display and always arm your alarm. By following these simple steps, we can all work together to keep our neighbourhood safe.