The BNW Committee are happy to announce that the long-awaited communication App has been developed and will be available for download on Wednesday 03 June. The existing BNW ICE and street clusters group will remain operational for a period until residents have had an opportunity to download the new App and become familiar with the functionality. The App allows BNW to comply with protection of personal information (POPI) requirements and removes current misuse of BNW communication groups.  Going forward, incident and reporting communication will be between reporters and responders in a transparent process.

Phase 1 (Ready 03 June)

BNW Security and Emergency Response partners will all be on the app, ready and waiting

Members download the BNW App

The App is available in Google Playstore and the Apple iStore as ‘Ballito Neighbourhood Watch Reporter’ as of Wednesday. Once downloaded and you have entered your information , the Membership request goes through a verification and approval process. 

A video tutorial will be available to guide new App users on the BNW website www.ballitonw.org.za as well as our Facebook page. Support will also be available to assist the technology shy members.

Phase 2 – BNW addition of other response and reporting stakeholders to report fire emergencies, traffic issues, pets and wildlife rescue, streetlight reporting and electricity issues. (Time frame to be announced)

 The BNW geographic area of responsibility has been broken down into 9 Clusters meaning that you will only be notified of an incident in your immediate area. Responders will broadcast to all clusters in cases where needed. The App works on geo-location and you can therefore be tracked in the event of an emergency report, regardless of whether you are at home, at the beach or in town.  At the time of an Emergency incident, notification will go out to responders as well as up to 3 family members or friends simultaneously.

 A significant change from our current whatsapp groups is that the App includes self-managed streamlined communication choices.  You can opt in or out of general and Cluster specific communication categories and conversation is no longer possible between residents.  We have aligned the BNW App to meet the BNW primary aims and objectives of Incident and Emergency reporting and response management.

 The BNW Committee have agreed to give all residents in the BNW geographic residential area, an opportunity to download and use the BNW App.  This will be available for download from 03 June as a free trial until the end of August 2020.  Once the trial period lapses, if you decide you would like to receive the benefit of BNW Membership, including use of the BNW App thereafter, you can elect, on the BNW App, to join BNW at a minimal annual fee per household, which includes up to 3 members per household who are entitled to Membership and the use of the App. 

Visit our website (www.ballitonw.org.za) or our Facebook page for more info on Wednesday, as well as the North Coast Courier. BNW will also be talking on 88FM on Tuesday morning at 08.30am.