Choosing a Security Provider

The BNW are often asked “Which security company is the best one to sign up with?”
Our Answer: Rather than be blindsided by discounted prices and special offers, look at what you are getting for your Rand. Cheaper is not necessarily better, so think twice before parting with your hard earned money and ensure that you are partnering with a reputable security company.

Ask these questions to guide you to the right provider:


How many vehicles do they have on patrol in Ballito during day shift and how many during night shift? The more vehicles on the road, the quicker the response time will be to your house, and there will be better back up if needed in an emergency situation. Some companies that don’t have enough vehicles on the road could have their vehicles outside your area when you need them and this could result in delayed response. Does your security company utilise their vehicles out of the Ballito/ Salt Rock areas, for incidents not related to our immediate area, therefore leaving you vunerable?

Control Room

Where is their control room situated and how secure is the communication between your house and their control room? Only partner with companies that have a SAIDSA compliant control room (The South African Intruder Detection Services Association). Choosing a company with a control room in your area is always advisable as the staff will have local knowledge of the area. Some companies have control rooms in other provinces, and this could delay communication as their staff Do not know your area and could get confused.

Is the control room supported by back- up generators / UPS power supply in case of load shedding or other power outages


It is advisable to choose a company that has its own in-house technicians. Some companies that do not have a large footprint in your area could make use of sub-contractors which could possibly lead to poor maintenance or repair work and a lack of accountability as they are not actual employees of the security company.

Security Regulations

Is the company, its Directors and staff registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). Are the staff (especially the armed response officers) paid in accordance with the prescribed industry rates and legislation. You don’t want disgruntled armed response officers having access to your house if a burglary occurred. Is the company in good standing with other legislative authorities such as a provident fund and the workmen’s compensation fund.


Drive around your street, see which security companies are mostly represented in your area, that should give an indication of more patrols there. Also check what companies are giving back to the community. By this we mean, look at who is responding on the Neighbourhood Watch groups, irrespective of whether it’s one of their clients that report an emergency or not. Rather choose a company that already has a network of CCTV cameras in the area as this would also assist in protecting your property and investigating incidents.

Public liability

Ensure that the company you choose has sufficient public liability cover to safeguard you in the event of any unforeseen incidents that could result in a claim.

If I’m being held hostage or am out and the response officer can’t go through the gate, then I want and expect him to gain access to my property over the fence to do a proper inspection.


Check the fine print in the contract to see whether you own the alarm equipment or not. If you want to change companies, are you then liable to pay for the equipment or not?

These are just some guidelines to help you to make an informed decision