Community food Drive

The Ballito Neighbourhood Watch and Ward 6 CPF Committees, as community non-profit organisations, with a heart for the communities many needs, has looked at ways and means to try and alleviate the rising food scarce situation, as a consequence of the Covid-19 virus lockdown in the neighbouring areas around Ballito.

Our aim, through our street cluster groups, is to reach out to Ballito residents who are able, to please consider a donation of at least one non-perishable food item (pasta,maize meal, noodles, packets of soup, tinned food etc.).

All residents need to do is to leave whatever food items that they are able to donate on the edge of their driveways (to ensure social distancing remains in place). The Committee members of the BNW/ CPF have been granted special permission for this worthy cause. They will collect food products from driveways and this will all be delivered to SAPS Umhlali and will be distributed to the needy.

We will collect, in the Ballito area on:

Saturday 18 April 2020 between 10am and 11am.

Please only put the items out at 10am sharp to prevent monkeys raiding them and so that the items don’t sit in the sun for long.

This is an urgent appeal to all Ballito residents to please have a rummage through food cupboards to see what you can donate, even if just one item.

Any questions or queries can be sent to secretary@ballitonw.org.za