Community Safety Report for April 2020

Incidents collated from reported incidents on BNW groups

Compiled by Jack Abrahams Ward 6 – Ballito CPF

April 4th

Vehicle broken into in Zen Drive. Nothing stolen.

 April 5th

Sea rescue at Salmon Bay.  IPSS Medical rescued a man and his daughter after the daughter got caught up in a rip current.

 April 6th

Attempted vehicle break-in at Edna Road. Resident witnessed a male trying to break-into his vehicle.  Marshall & Blue Security were called and the culprit was apprehended.  In his possession he had other stolen property. SAPS interrogated him and he was found to be hiding other numerous stolen items leading to other incidents.

 April 13 03H00

An intruder was disturbed and ran away at a property in Hilary Drive.  Marshall and Blue Security searched the areato no avail.  IPSS lollipop cameras found there was a lot of activity around this time.

 April 14th

Vagrants living in Townsend Park Scout Hall.  SAPS were alerted and one male was chased away.  Afew days later, there were reports of more squatting in the same place.

 April 16th

Vagrants in Zen Park.  KDM Crime Prevention, the K9 Unit, IPSS, IGS, Blue and Marshall Security searched the dense bush and found squatters and recovered stolen property.

 April 22nd

Intruder standing at the gates of a property in Cecelia Close.  Resident found that the gates had been opened, but the trespasser quickly ran away when dog was let loose.

 April 23rd

Numerous complaints from locals regarding people begging at the CBD area and the Village.  The vagabonds were arrested by SAPS and KDM issued a warning and next time they will be convicted.  One woman reported that a group chased her whilst waiting at the Virgin Active traffic stop.

 April 23rd  20H30

Attempted house break-in at Kudu Rd.  Owner heard activity and armed his alarm.  Perpetrators ran away.  When the resident checked his camera, he saw that a vehicle had been parked outside at that time.