Help get the criminals convicted

This was a message from one of our members:

Hi Everyone,

I know this is not emergency chat but it is relevant and important. Yesterday I went to court to testify against the man who was caught after breaking into our house in Salt Rock. It was a painful experience with a lot of waiting, but worth it as my presence forced him to plead guilty and he will be now sentenced in January.

I spoke to the state prosecutor and the arresting detective, they were both shocked, pleased, and mildly amused that I actually pitched up. They told me that witnesses in these cases NEVER bother showing up, including the security teams that apprehend the criminals (which was also true in this case). As such, with no witnesses present, the criminals walk out of the courtroom again with charges dropped….

So, if we want a safer neighborhood and we don’t want these people released immediately to offend again, we need to do our part as well, even if it is a pain in the backside.

Getting your stuff returned is not the end of the matter, follow it up properly and make these people accountable for their actions by being accountable yourself.

Sorry for the long message, have a good day everyone.