Keep your valuables safe while on the beach

Keeping your valuables safe at the beach is a greater concern today than ever.

Don’t leave your valuables in your car

Some people opt to put their valuables in their car while on the beach, this is not advised as thieves know that this is often done and will break into cars.

Consider the Valuables You Take to The Beach

If you consider the belongings that you automatically throw in your beach bag for a relaxing day at the beach, you will probably realise that some of it is not really needed. Petty theft is a serious consideration.

Obviously, you will want to take some money for a day at the beach. You may be wearing your watch, have your smartphone and possibly your car keys with you.

Sadly, the beach can be a prime stomping ground for pickpockets and petty thieves. They know people will have their guard down and may not be watching their possessions while swimming or sunbathing.

Here’s a look at some beach safety tips to help you keep your valuables safe on the beach.

Leave Your Valuables at Home

It might sound obvious, but if you don’t need it, don’t bring it. There really is no reason to have too many valuables on you for a day of swimming and sunbathing. Think about downsizing and taking only the basics. Leave all other valuables locked up at home or the hotel.

  • Don’t bring your entire wallet or purse with all of your credit cards, just bring enough cash for the day and put it in a zippered pocket or lockable bag.
  • Only bring the minimum of electronics with you, or better still, none at all. Try switching off for the day.
  • Consider an actual book, magazine or newspaper over an E-Reader.
  • If you must bring a camera, a big (noticeable) DSLR is not ideal for a day at the beach. Apart from potential damage to the camera, it is hard to conceal. Opt for a compact point and shoot that can be hidden in your bag or even just your smartphone for beach pics. There are Go-pro cameras that are ideal for the beach because you can take it swimming.

Take a Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

If you must take your smartphone to the beach or pool, consider a waterproof dry bag with a lanyard so you can take your phone in the water with you.

Many of the best waterproof dry bags for phones on the market today are completely waterproof as opposed to splash proof. Some even have touch sensitivity so you can continue to use them in the water for taking photos, video or even calls.

With the minimalist approach in mind, a smartphone pouch is also good for keeping some money, credit cards, keys and small jewellery.

Just make sure you have the lanyard securely around your neck or wrist while you swim.

Know How Thieves Operate

Did you know some thieves specialise in stealing beach bags and valuables from distracted people on the beach or, people who leave them unattended while swimming, or walking? Even people taking a quick nap while they sunbake are a prime target.

Beach thieves have a variety of ways of stealing valuables from beachgoers. The most common is to wander crowded beaches looking for unattended bags.

Thieves will be on the lookout for people heading to the water, leaving their belongings behind. They will keep an eye on you and wait until you’re not facing the beach, or you are underwater to grab your stuff. You will be none the wiser until you return to your towel.

Take it in Turns

Taking it in turns to watch your gear is always a good idea at the beach. If you’re heading to the beach in a group, take it in turns to have someone in the group keep an eye on your gear while you go swimming. This isn’t always ideal if you are only a couple or on your own.

You could always try to enlist the services of a trustworthy looking stranger while you take a quick swim but be careful in who you choose. Spend some time watching people on the beach and the people who are seated close to you.

Be Mindful of Where You Place Your Bags

Remember; if you are at the beach in a group, or even as a couple, keep your bags to the centre of the group rather than around the perimeter where they are an easy target for snatch and run thieves.  A bag with a lock is also handy.

Consider secret hiding containers, under towels or buried in the sand, however a beach security bag is a better option.

Beach Towel with Zip Pocket for Valuables

While not entirely theft proof, a beach towel with a zip pocket for small valuables is a very good idea and quite a clever way to hide valuables at the beach.