Prevent car break-ins with these tips

It seems the lockdown has not kept criminals behind doors, this week, Zen Drive, Ballito has had three (3) car break-ins. Criminals will try to take advantage of this period when they know our guards are down.

Prevent car break-ins with these tips

Lock Your Doors: The majority of car break-ins are from unlocked cars.

Secure Your Vehicle: Roll your car windows up all the way and engage the car alarm.

Keep Your Vehicle Tidy: Thieves like to window shop! Avoid leaving anything visible in the car.

Conceal All Proof: Stow your electronics and accessories well out of sight, or just take it along with you. The proof alone might be enough to pique the interest of thieves, including items such as power cords, adapters, and GPS windshield suction-cup mounts.

Park Smart: If your vehicle is not in a lock up garage, try and put it in a well lit area.

Your home

Don’t leave garage doors open. Lock your doors (yes, even when you’re home).

Always arm alarms and beams before going to bed and even when you are inside your home if possible.

Do not leave valuable goods in front of windows.

A big thank you to all All of our security armed response providers, for who, it is business as usual during this time