Public Meeting Minutes – 5 May 2021

Minutes of Public Meeting
Wednesday 5 May 2021 at Striders Clubhouse 18.00

Committee Members Present:

1. Morne Steffens BNW Chairperson
2. Eugene Barnett Vice Chairman
3. Jenny Steffens Admin & Secretary/Treasurer/CPF Secretary
4. Liz Major Social media and website
5. Brett Moran Parks and Gardens
6. Madelaine Hayhurst Patrols and Admin


Gary Frances
Jack Abrahams Media Spokesperson
Beach Liaison

Attendance List

Available on request

Welcome and opening of meeting by Flip Helberg and Morne Steffens

1. Membership

1.1 Membership payments – 103 payments have been received since the beginning of the New Year. A lot of our members are very late paying and have received reminders.

1.2 192 Members

1.3 20 New members since the beginning of the year

1.4 Donations received R3,100 from two of our members – not including the Camera Fund or Ralph’s Cycle money.

1.5 Expenses – Vodacom data for new app, Afrihost monthly payments, patrol signs, gazebo, teardrop signs, new membership forms, posters, etc., SAPS initiative.

1.6 Bank balance is R66,607 as of 5 May 2021

2 Cluster Groups

2.1 We have in excess of 2,000 members

2.2 There are presently 58 Street Groups of which some are amalgamated with other streets and four are complexes.

2.3 A big thank you to our Captains who man our Street Groups on a daily basis.

3. The BNW Committee

Morne Steffens Chairperson
Eugene Barnett Vice Chairperson
Jenny Steffens Secretary & Treasurer
Flip Helberg DOCRRA & KDM liaison & Special Projects
Jenni Helberg Admin
Brett Moran Parks & KDM liaison
Madelaine Hayhurst Admin & Patrol Leader
Liz Major Media & Facebook
Gary Frances Media Spokesperson
Jack Abrahams Beach Liaison

4. The BNW New Reporting App

4.1 The new app is functioning especially the main feature being the geo-location. Panic updates available in the iStore and Google Play.

4.2 Many thanks to Richard Hall from Bvigilant for all the hard work done so far. The app was developed by Richard and his developers at no cost to the BNW.

4.3 Bvigilant are in the process of dealing with the App sounds when a new notification comes in.

5. BNW Patrols

5.1 The patrols started mid-November last year through a spike in crime over the Festive Period. A noticeable drop in crime in our areas has warranted the continuation of this initiative.

5.2 We have 32 Patrollers operating but are in need of more. If anyone is interested in joining, we only ask for two hours, once a week, of your time.

5.3 Madelaine Hayhurst, the Patrol Group Administrator, says she is very proud of the team and when somebody reports they are sick or not able to make it that night, somebody else always jumps in.

5.4 A big thank you to Hans from the BP Garage for supplying free coffee to our guys on shift. Great community spirit.

A big thank you also to Madelaine, the Patrollers and IPSS and Marshal Security for back them. You are truly doing a superb job to keep Ballito safe.

6. Incidents from March – April 2021 – not including Salt Rock

6.1 Three house break-ins were reported where jewellery and electronic equipment was stolen.

6.2 Two attempted break-ins.

6.3 One attempted car theft.

6.4 Two car thefts.

7. General

7.1 Holiday season liaison with SAPS, KDM, The Chamber of Commerce, DOCRRA, UIP and the various security companies, proved to be a great success over the Easter period.

7.2 A big thank you to Xtreme Cleaning who are cleaning the lenses on the ANPR cameras free of charge, every quarter.

7.3 BNW Committee members and Patrollers went out canvassing at Lifestyle on 20 March and at Fruit & Veg on 1 April. Many residents were made aware of who the BNW are and what we do, and we gained new members and patrollers.

7.4 Members have asked for BNW signage – to be investigated.

7.5 We plan to do a cross knowledge share with other neighbourhood watches to broaden our horizon on safety issues.

8. Street Lights, Speed Bumps & Pot Holes

8.1 Flip Helberg has been assisting residents with registering the out of order street lights, and following up with Tammy Colley. When reporting can residents, please let Flip have the street name and the amount of light that are out of order and he will follow-up.
Ballito Drive is of particular concern and Ken Lever will follow-up with the Municipality.
Tommy reported that 241 lights are out of order in Ward 21.
Taxi Rank lights are to be connected to Tile Africa, Flip to follow up.

8.2 Tammy Colley Ward Councillor for Ward 6 took to the floor saying that there is some movement with the repairs of the lights and she carries out a bi-weekly report with the Electricity Department.

8.3 Speed Bumps Ward 21 – Tommy du Toit advised that he was meeting with Civils from KDM shortly and will advise asap of where the bumps will be constructed.

8.4 Tammy also mentioned that there may be a possibility of more speed bumps in her Ward shortly. She will keep us advised.
Urgent need for a speed bump by Spar and Compensation Beach Road. Flip to send through a request to Tammy to change the profile of the bump according to SOD Standards.

8.5 Flip Helberg to supply Tammy with a list of all pot holes in need of repair

9. Projects for 2021

9.1 Purchase of lights for the ANPR cameras

9.2 ANPR licence fees have now been paid. Thank you so much for the donations we received. Funds left over will go towards purchase of lights and poles in conjunction with Salt Rock NW.

9.3 IPSS and Marshall to assist in monitoring the ANPR cameras, in conjunction with the BNW Committee, at no cost. Thank you.

9.4 Campaign for blankets, etc., for this cold winter ahead to a chosen charity.

9.5 Painting of house numbers for emergency purposes.

9.6 Purchasing of gear for our Patrollers.

10. Ralph’s BIG Donation

One of our BNW members and also a Patroller, Ralph Schroder, embarked on what started off as a joke between him and his brother to get involved in a cycle trail race. Ralph accepted the challenge as long as he could get sponsorship for his chosen NPO, which in this case was the BNW.

Ralph completed 40kms and with the sponsorships from various members of the public, friends and family, managed to raise a whopping R30, 220 for the BNW. Well done Ralph and a thank you for choosing the BNW for your fund-raising initiative, this will go a long way towards our planned projects.

11. Community Policing Forum

Committee members met with Colonel Makhatini and Lieutenant Colonel Ngwane to discuss a way forward with the CPF. Warrant Officer Shaleen, the new Sectional Commander, will meet with Eugene Barnett on a bi-weekly basis to discuss cases and follow-up.

12. Council

12.1 Tammy Colley advised that a Covid Questionnaire Group will happen again soon in the same streets as before. She will advise of the dates.

12.2 Dolphin Coast Waste Management reconciled their accounts for the Municipality for them to resolve the correct amount of money received from the KDM

12.3 Local Elections are happening in July. Tammy asked that residents please register in their correct Ward and that new residents to please register with either Tommy du Toit or Tammy.

12.4 Anyone who has been affected with power outages or flooding, to please let Tammy Colley know.

12.5 BNW request that any residents in our area that have street cameras and are willing to share information, if required in the event of a crime nearby, can you please contact Flip Helberg.

Thank you to all our members for their ongoing support, our Committee for the running of the BNW, the Patrollers for protecting us at night time, the Security Companies and SAPS who assist us and anyone else that we may have missed out on, in our quest to make Ballito a safer place to live!

Next meeting to be advised