Supply, installation and support of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras

Ballito Neighbourhood Watch (BNW), Salt Rock Neighbourhood Watch (SRNW), Ward 6 and Ward 22 Community Policing Forum (CPF’s) are inviting suitable service providers to provide proposals for the goods and service described in the document that can be downloaded below.

Ballito ANPR Project Committee are wanting to install ANPR Cameras at identified locations to monitor the entrance and exits of Ballito, Chaka’s Rock and Salt Rock. The purpose of these camera installations are to ensure that suspect registration numbers that enter the suburbs will be intercepted and ultimately have a positive effect on crime reduction and security and safety management within the area.

The envisaged project will be wholly funded by the Ballito ANPR Project Committee, with ownership of the units by the Neighbourhood Watch’s jointly. The Ballito ANPR Project Committee would like to invite suitable service providers to send their Company details and portfolios to the contact email address below. We will invite suitable service providers to meet with the Ballito ANPR Project Committee for a Presentation on the products and service you have to offer.
* Preference will be given to Service Providers that are located within the Ballito area.

Download Proposal Document – (pdf 824Kb)

Email: cameras@bnw.org.za