Safety Tips

During the nightly patrols, our volunteers have noted a lot of potential issues, please take note of the below tips to keep your property safe.

  • Gates are left open, please close your gates as soon as you are in your property, regardless of the time of day
  • Well lit driveways are way less attractive to any criminal activity – get a day night switch so you don’t have to turn lights on and off
  • Bushes and shrubs around boundary should be cut / trimmed often as it is less attractive to criminals when there are no bushes to hide in
  • Try have boundary fence lights if possible – especially if your street lights aren’t working
  • Motion detector lights are a great deterrent
  • Make your house number visible – it makes for easier location finding
  • Always arm your alarm, even when you’re home. This is so important, you pay for the device, use it.
  • If you are able to install CCTV in driveways – if there is an incident in the area – your road view might capture important footage,

join BNW and get involved in keeping your neighbourhood safe.

even if you don’t patrol, if everyone can be more observant so that when you walk your dog or go for a jog, you actually take in your surroundings, it becomes a lot easier to notice things that are perhaps a bit suspicious – BNW can’t do it our own – we need each member of the community to play their part. Report on BNW incident group on the BNW App.