Ballito Neighbourhood Watch

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let’s keep it safe.

what we do

We live in a beautiful town.
As residents, we have a duty to keep our area safe, so that we can enjoy the beaches and parks without worrying about our safety.

The Ballito Neighbourhood Watch (BNW) aims to help people protect themselves and their properties, and to reduce the fear of crime by means of active, visible citizen presence, improved home security tips, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents and crime, and by fostering a community spirit.

All these efforts stimulate a caring community, reducing the opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness.

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Membership of the Ballito Neighbourhood Watch is voluntary and open to any resident and property owner of Ballito.

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We have volunteers on patrol every night.
They are eyes and ears only and are an efficient deterrent for crime.

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The Committee work tirelessly to keep the community safe.
If you would like to help, click below.

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This post was shared this morning. I spoke to the lady posting this to please go and open a case at SAPS, which they have agreed to. Our Neighbourhood Watch camera has picked up the vehicle in question and we will forward the relevant information to the authorities. Please be vigilant and aware of your immediate surroundings when out walking, especially if unaccompanied, do not kid yourself, Ballito is not crime free. Stay safe and report any suspicious behaviour immediately. Ballito Neighbourhood Watch.Good Morning all, It’s taken me some time to process this, and hence the reason why I’m unfortunately posting this message so late.My daughter was walking back home to Seaward Estates from Ballito Junction on Saturday morning at approx 10:15. She was about to cross the road at the fire station on Ballito Drive, when 2 black gentleman in a white bakkie pulled up and blocked her path, the passenger got out and told her to get into the van. She started waving her hands and saying NO, but they insisted she get in the van, and a knife was pulled.A big shout out to the family in the orange vehicle who saw what was happening and very quickly stopped and helped her as the perpetrators then fled the scene. They very kindly saw her back to the Seaward Estates entrance, and thank the Lord she didn’t become another victim of some heinous crime, it’s hard not to think about what could have happened.If anyone has any information on the camera’s along the Ballito drive road that monitors that particular part of the road, could you please let me know as I would like to try and get the number plate of the white van that stopped to try and abduct her, and even the family in the orange car so that I could thank them personally.Thank you so much to everyone who works so hard to keep us up to date with everything that’s happening in our beautiful town, we need to be vigilant always, and keep safety a priority.Many thanks for this group and being able to get this message out there, we don’t want this happening to anyone else. ... See MoreSee Less
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